Paper Pumpkin On Sale!!!

If you haven’t tried out Paper Pumpkin yet, you should!  There is a special going on for NEW members to Paper Pumpkin.  It’s just $10 per month for the first TWO months!!  Plus, you have the flexibility to either stay on as a regular subscription (like a magazine) or you have the option to skip a month or two or whatever.  It’s such an awesome deal!  I have loved EVERY project I have gotten so far!  I know you will too!


The projects are super cute, they take about 30 minutes to do and they’re fun!!!  You get everything you need in the box (except adhesive).  Could it be simpler?  As a demonstrator, I now have the luxury of someone else creating the projects, cutting the paper for me and giving me the instructions to do it!  YAHOO!!  I love it!!

The projects are simple but ADORABLE.  Want to see this month’s project??  Hahaha! I knew you were going to say that!  Well, first, I want to show you how Paper Pumpkin comes.  It comes in a box and when you open the box, you see this:


Now, I’m not going to lie, I tore into this box!  You can see the ripped paper on the left!  *giggles*  Ok.  So, you see the stamps under the thank you card, the ink spots you need for the project and under that is the project itself!  All right, drum roll please……… (are you doing it??  C’mon!! Give me a drum roll!)

It's A Party - Celebrate

It’s A Party – Celebrate


Hip Hip Hooray - It's Your Day

Hip Hip Hooray – It’s Your Day

It took me longer to find something to poke the sticks into then it did to make the project!  (Seriously, it took me about 15 minutes to put the whole thing together).  I can see this on a sheet cake for someone’s birthday!  Hmmm… who’s birthday is next in my family??  *grins*  Cake Decoration…. CHECK!

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