MDS Scrapbook Layout

When MDS (My Digital Studio) first came out, I was addicted.  Unfortunately, my addiction ended due to time constraints.  However, my addiction has returned!  I have been trying to play with it as often as I can.  I tend to focus my scrapbook layouts on things like my children and trips that I have taken.  Well, today, I decided to do a layout on me!  This is the silly side of me!


Yes, I can be a silly girl; much more often than not!  MDS is the best software on the market, in my humble opinion.  I have used others but this one is the best!!  This layout uses a variety of different downloads.  Some of which are very recent downloads!

Supplies (if you click on the link, you can get more information on the different downloads that I used – price and even put them in a cart to buy – each link opens a new tab):

Did you know that you can try MDS before you buy MDS??  Well you can!  You can download a FREE trial version of the software right now!  Click on this link:  MDS FREE TRIAL

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