Build A Banner

I have to say, that I had WAY too much fun today.  I created a banner with the new Build A Banner Simply Created Kit #133507 (will be available to you tomorrow!!) and the Christmas Banner Simply Created Accessory Kit #132697.  Now, the hardest part was taking pictures of this bad boy.  It’s so darn pretty but I can’t get one single picture of it.  So, I broke it up.





Well, there is NOT 3 L’s for real.. *grin*… It’s only CHILLY…

So, I learned some things making this banner.  I thought I would pass on these tips.  Make sure that if you spritz each banner with color, you should do three things:  1) Make sure that you iron the pennants first.  2) Put a LOT of reinker in the spritzer before you spritz.  I put about 30 drops and that wasn’t enough… 45 – 50 seemed to work.  You do NOT want to over spray the pennant.  The color will seep and bleed together if it’s too wet.  3) Spray close to the banner to get the most color with the least amount of liquid. Also, spray directly above the banner, not at an angle.  (You can see in the last picture with the L and the Y that the L is perfect and the Y stripes are bleeding into each other) – Practice makes perfect!  You should see my first pennant… It’s not pretty… thinking of dying it solid… LOL

Honestly, even though it’s not perfect, it still looks great!  If the sun moves, I will get a pic of the whole pennant!

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