Scrap Class – August

Every month, I scrapbook.  I am trying to get a club together.  I have 4 solid members but need at least 2 more in order for this club to be a go!  Want to join?  You can do this club VIRTUALLY!!  Meaning, we can skype or oovoo to attend the club (depending on how many want to join).  I will give you a hostess code so you can order!  I think it would be a hoot to have a virtual member attend! I have done it before too!  Anyway, until more members join, I will continue to run this like a class.

Class is three pages.  1 – 2 page layout and 1 – 1 page layout all done in 12 x 12.  I LOVE my two-page layout this month!  It’s so pretty!  Anyway, this is the 12 x 12 page!  I have never done a layout quite like this.  I like that you can fit 3 – 4 x 6 photos on it… Originally, this layout was supposed to be done horizontally (meaning the circles would be at the top and bottom vs the way I have it – left to right).  I didn’t have 3 pictures shot vertically that went together so I opted to turn the layout sideways.  So, if you missed Scrap Class.  Below is one of the layouts I did.


List of Supplies (each link opens a new window):

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