The Box-Lady Come-ith!

I’ve been fighting it… and now, there’s no stopping it!  I have to get ready for Christmas…. ALREADY!  Somewhere along the way, I picked up the nickname, the Box Lady!  At every craft fair, I hear it at least twice.  “Oh!  You’re the box lady!”  Anyway, this week, I am starting to gear up for “craft fair season”  (did you hear the deep echo-y voice that said that??  I know I heard it… I think I heard a crash of thunder too!).  Craft fair season is my busiest time of year.  The projects are made by the bushels and it takes a LOT of time and prep to get ready for these.  This year, instead of waiting until October, I am starting early!  I was inspired with this little beauty by a tutorial on  It was a lotion and nail file box.  Well, I altered it… completely! I didn’t have lotion and nail files… but I did have hand sanitizers.  Brilliant! *giggles*


Now, this isn’t the finished product.  I will probably roll a wheel over the box… It’s the prototype!  Typically, I use a lot of retired product for craft fairs… This item is no exception.  I used Lucky Limeade card stock, Lucky Limeade ink and Be of Good Cheer DSP… the ribbon is Cherry Cobbler 1/2″ Scallop Dots.  Now, everything else is current.  Here’s what I used:

So, what inspires you?  What is it that makes you get out of your chair and stamp?  Please post into the comments!  I would love to hear what you have to say!

2 thoughts on “The Box-Lady Come-ith!

  1. this is a really neat idea for a little xmas rememberance for co-workers. i would love to get the measurements and/or a template. i also really like the colors this could be for either a guy or gal. thanks, ardy

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