Favorite Pictures

So, I am starting a new book (I have 10 pages in my goofy album; I have a couple more pictures – mostly of Max).  Don’t worry it’s just my A.D.H.D kicking in… squirrel!  Oh, so while I was looking for more goofy pictures, I found some pictures that I absolutely LOVE and thought maybe that would make a great book too!  I started with son, Max (sorry, Erich). I love this picture of Max!

The more you use MDS, the more you learn about MDS.  On this layout, I learned that I can make my own punches!  Yes, you read that right!  You can make your own punches.  Now, this may not be news to some… but it was news to me!


List of supplies (each link opens a new window):

There are two flags under “awesomeness” that I made.  Now, they may look like the regular flag but I actually altered the angle of the center notch.  I made another one (but didn’t use it) that has a very shallow notch too!  WOO HOO!! Make your own punches in MDS!!  I LOVE IT!!!

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