The past weekend, I have getting ready for craft fair season!  This was the whole reason why I got into Stampin’ Up!  I wasn’t going to blog, I wasn’t going to have clubs, workshops, classes, etc.  I was going to stamp for craft fairs!  LOL!! Ok, so 5 years later, 85 club dates held or more, 30 workshops or more, 30 classes had or more… *laughing* and I am still doing craft fairs!!  Well, I love them!  I really do!  Normally, I wait until October to start stamping projects… not this year!  This year, I started early!  I started in August!! UNHEARD OF!!  LOL

Anyway, here’s a peek – what they are is irrelevant  LOL!  Most people guess anyway!  I am just super proud of myself.  Not only did I use my sewing machine for the second time, but I have made enough little hats to possibly get me through two of the craft fairs.  I say that tongue in cheek because when something this adorable is on my table, it’s gone!  I am planning on making even more hats but will have to keep checking the remnants sections at the craft stores.


List of supplies (each link opens a new window) that are current:

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