September Paper Pumpkin

Yippee-Skippee!!  Another amazing box came to my door this week.  I think it came on Wednesday but I wasn’t home 😦  Anyway, I tore into this box (like I do every month) and got to work early this morning.  I have to take my son to his Jazz Band class and it starts at 6:15 AM (yes, I said, AM – believe me, this is NOT something I like to do (get up early that is)).  Of course, I had to make Banana Bread first!  That’s going to be my lunch, I think.  I mean I HAVE to taste it before I give to my children, right?? That’s what a good mom would do!  I wouldn’t want them to get sick or anything!  *giggles*

Anyway… I digress!  I made my cards two ways, landscape and portrait.  I think I like the landscape just a little bit better!  I don’t know if it’s a “room” thing (meaning it looks like there’s more room for all the elements) or if it’s a balance thing (meaning the card looks more balanced).  Either way, the cards are adorable.  They are unisex (I would say they are more masculine to me) and I know I don’t have enough “congratulation” cards, especially for what could be a “work” situation!


My Paper Pumpkin is my creative escape (my escape from being creative… LOL) and if you haven’t joined yet, i think you should!  Click on this link:  My Paper Pumpkin Sign Up!  Don’t forget to make my your demonstrator!!  Now this card inspired me… I am going to try and post this card tomorrow.  I am planning on using the same stamp set (but i am not sure).  Don’t you just love when you do something and it inspires you to do something else?  I do!  Have a great day!


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