A return to my TRUE self!

It has been over a year since I have stamped!  Yes, you read that right.  1 year!  Where have I been?  Well, honestly, a LOT has been going on.  It was not for the lack of wanting to stamp!  It was for the lack of time and states of flux my “craft room” has been in.  I held down a full-time job for close to 3 years and I found that I couldn’t find … make the time to stamp.

My health has been a concern of mine for a while now.  The doctors can’t find anything wrong with me.  I found myself falling asleep at my desk at work and other symptoms that point to a particular condition that all of the doctors say I don’t have, even though I was diagnosed with that condition 6 years ago (and there’s no cure)! So that part is STILL up in the air.

To make a long story short, I have quit my full-time job and started working on craft fair.  I do the same one every year.  I love it!  I have a couple of friends and family that are pushing me to do more with it!  So, while the plans are all in my head right now.  BIG things are on the horizon (like I just bought a “light tent” for taking better pictures of my products, more tutorials, and so much more).  My passion is paper crafting.

The great thing about Stampin’ Up! and direct sales in general is that you can start your business over whenever you want.  Every single day, in fact.  While I am not ready to launch my Stampin’ Up! business again, per say, I do have some big plans!

So, above, is a wonderful scratch pad cover that I designed.  (Remember, I’m also known as the “Box Lady”) It is a refillable cover, meaning you can go to any office supply store and get refill pads for it.  They are perfect to keep in your purse, back pack, or any bag, really!  The cover is made with a single sheet of paper.  Then, embellishing it, well that’s the fun part!  I have an infinite love of butterflies.  And, I felt like coloring! Viola!  Magic happened!

List of supplies: (each link opens a new window)

After craft fair, I will share this project again with NEW product from the Occasions Catalog AND the dimensions/tutorial for this project.  There is a new stamp set I have to have out of that catalog that would be great for this project too!  Since the pre-order for demonstrators isn’t until the early part of December, it will be around mid-December before I can post it.  Anyway, I will let you go for now.  Just know, I will always be around.  AND I am going to start sharing again too!

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