christyheadshotAbout 8 years ago, I met my fabulous upline.  She saw how much I loved to stamp and made sure she got me COMPLETELY hooked.  When she asked me to sign up with Stampin’ Up! I thought, “Nah, I just want to stamp, I don’t want to sell it.”  She then asked if I would help her with a craft fair.  Ok, so I made a bunch of projects to sell.  She ended up not going with me to the craft fair!  However, while at the craft fair, one special lady came into my life – Lorinda – she walked up to the booth and asked if I would be interested in doing a workshop for her.  Without thinking, I said, “Sure! I would love to do that!”   Frantic didn’t even come close to the emotions I was feeling. Not only was her workshop successful, some of the ladies are still with me!  One of them is even a demonstrator under me and building her business!!

The year that Lorinda came into my life, I found myself with a business that exploded!  I was the number 9 Rising Star in Stampin’ Up! that year (back when they kept track of that)!  The following year, I earned the Incentive Trip to Alaska.  The year after that, I had to scale WAY back as my husband (a member of the US military) was getting deployed (not once but twice).  With a possible retirement for him coming up soon, I decided to build my business again!  So, now I’m back!

I am a full service type of demonstrator.  I do EVERYTHING; cards, scrapbook pages, home decor, jewelry, but my specialty is boxes!  One year, my upline asked me if I could make a box look like a tombstone for Halloween.  Oh yeah!  It had a base, and the cards stood up inside of the base.  The cover was the tombstone that she artistically decorated.  It was a WOW!  That was one of my more creative endeavors!

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