My boys…

Tuesday, new downloads were released!  (Btw, EVERY Tuesday new downloads are released) This week’s downloads are AWESOME!!  I can’t wait to order some.  Want to see them?  Click here:  September 17, 2013 downloads.  I am super excited by the Ruffled Trim download and Festive Flurry Kit download.  Naturally, there are a few more of them in my cart….

This is a continuation of my favorite pictures.  This will be a HUGE album and you never know what’s going to go into it!  Sometimes it’s random stuff that I love… (that’s a hint for a page I am thinking of creating!)  So, no book would be complete without pictures of my boys.  Actually, I have quite a few pictures of them that will make the book!  (quite a few = 50 or so! LOL)  I love how the paper looks all crinkled!!  There is an overlay (see the links below) that is just a MUST have.  Play with the colors and opacity to really make it pop! Super fun!


List of supplies (each link opens a new window):