Simply My Digital Studio Challenge

I belong to a Facebook Group called Simply My Digital Studio Challenge.  What a great group!  Kimberly Van Diepen and Heather Summers run this group and they are premier MDS’ers!!  Anyway, they posted a sketch this week and it took me all week to get to it but I got it in!  If you are on Facebook and you want to learn more about MDS, this is an AMAZING group!!  Join it today!!

The photos have been taken over the years of my friend, Cathy Casey and I.  Every one of these photos were taken at airports.  Usually at o’dark thirty!!  We travel to Stampin’ Up! Convention and Leadership just about every year!  This year we drove to Convention together!  What a hoot!!


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My boys…

Tuesday, new downloads were released!  (Btw, EVERY Tuesday new downloads are released) This week’s downloads are AWESOME!!  I can’t wait to order some.  Want to see them?  Click here:  September 17, 2013 downloads.  I am super excited by the Ruffled Trim download and Festive Flurry Kit download.  Naturally, there are a few more of them in my cart….

This is a continuation of my favorite pictures.  This will be a HUGE album and you never know what’s going to go into it!  Sometimes it’s random stuff that I love… (that’s a hint for a page I am thinking of creating!)  So, no book would be complete without pictures of my boys.  Actually, I have quite a few pictures of them that will make the book!  (quite a few = 50 or so! LOL)  I love how the paper looks all crinkled!!  There is an overlay (see the links below) that is just a MUST have.  Play with the colors and opacity to really make it pop! Super fun!


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September Scrap Class

This month, I focused on putting pockets/envelopes on scrapbook pages.  This page has a journal box hidden behind the main photograph.  While this page is a fall page, it expressed how I was feeling about my vacation this summer… THANKFUL!  It was a wonderful trip and I enjoyed Maine especially!  What a beautiful place!

Creating a pocket is a breeze.  Just put Sticky Strip around 3 sides of a photo mat or photograph.  Slide a journal box behind it (I made the journal box about an inch smaller and an inch longer than the photo mat).  Done!  To make the cut corners on the journal box tag, I used the Hexagon punch.


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Technical Tuesday

OOOOH! The new downloads have me very excited!  I can’t wait to get my hands on some of those downloads!!  Some of my favorites are the Burlap Ribbon, What a Day Pocket Cards, and the Witches Brew Washi tape!!  Click here to see all the latest ones!

So, I thought I would share a page with you.  It’s a continuation of my goofy book.  I actually corrupted a few kids into my web of goofiness.  Then I corrupted their dad!  What a blast it was to have them all making faces with me!


List of supplies:

I love this ensemble.  I especially love the coffee cup rings! It’s a must have!!

Tech Tues on Wednesday

I had my week planned out.  I was going to post to my blog once a day.  Well, instead of scheduling my thank you card on Thursday, I posted it on Tuesday!  *giggles*   Oh well, bonus for you!  So, I downloaded some of the new MDS downloads and just had to play with one of them.  I used the “Old School” digital set for this page.  DSP and embellishments.  With all of the mugs that I have acquired over the years, I didn’t have room for a title or anything else!  I still like the way it came out!

Here’s the link for the newest downloads!  Check them out! They are super cool!  August 27th downloads


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Love pics – 2

So page two of my “pictures I love” book is about Erich.  This picture was taken in 2007.  It’s hard for me to believe that my son was about 8 when this photo was taken and he is 14 now.  UGH!! Where did the time go?  Well, I know where it went because I was there.  Still, it’s hard for me to believe!  So one of the neat features on this page is that I created a punch!  See that wide flag?  That’s all me!!  WOO HOO!! I recently discovered that you can create your own stamps and now, I am hooked on doing it!  YAY, me!! LOL  Also, I did something I never do!  I tilted the photo a bit!  I think I like it!  *giggles*


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Favorite Pictures

So, I am starting a new book (I have 10 pages in my goofy album; I have a couple more pictures – mostly of Max).  Don’t worry it’s just my A.D.H.D kicking in… squirrel!  Oh, so while I was looking for more goofy pictures, I found some pictures that I absolutely LOVE and thought maybe that would make a great book too!  I started with son, Max (sorry, Erich). I love this picture of Max!

The more you use MDS, the more you learn about MDS.  On this layout, I learned that I can make my own punches!  Yes, you read that right!  You can make your own punches.  Now, this may not be news to some… but it was news to me!


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There are two flags under “awesomeness” that I made.  Now, they may look like the regular flag but I actually altered the angle of the center notch.  I made another one (but didn’t use it) that has a very shallow notch too!  WOO HOO!! Make your own punches in MDS!!  I LOVE IT!!!