Cheers! – Plus 3 more


Who doesn’t love a sale??  I know I do.  I have a TON of the sale products are in my Stampin’ Up! Cart!  I know you want to go shopping.  So, if you click on the image to the link, it will take you to my store.  What’s more?  Some of the items I used in the projects I made below are retiring… and some are even on sale!!  HURRY this offer ends Jan 3rd!!

Yesterday, I posted about the Hostess with the Mostest.  I was so inspired by these bottles I made a total of 5 different designs.  This one happens to be my favorite.

While I am not a fan of pink, I do love these colors; the glitter, the shiny foil doilies, and so much more!  I hope these bottles inspire you too!  Think of your next holiday party.  Is it Christmas?  Is it New Years?  Does it matter?? Give the Host a gift… it could be wine, champagne, or sparkling cider!  P.S – It would fit over a REALLY big bottle of beer too!  LOL or a 2-liter bottle of soda.

I sold this bottle of sparkling cider but I have 4 other kits for sale to make your own Designer Bottle.  Below you will find three more examples too!  I have included the links  for the Pink one only. If you need help shopping for three, contact me.  Some of the paper is retiring.  Some of items are on sale right now!  Don’t miss out on the great sale!!

List of supplies: (each link opens a new window)




“Will you do a workshop?” SURE!


So, this whole return to stamping came from a different customer (than yesterday’s post) messaging me on Facebook.  “Will you do a workshop for me?”  Of course I will!   This workshop was held in late October.  She wanted to do a scrapbook page and a card.  The projected I created were pretty simple but time consuming.  I decided to cut most of the pieces for the ladies since I only had one set of the Pretty Pines Thinlets.  I also used the Large Numbers Thinlets too!

Well, this workshop started well, as it always does.  Then suddenly, it went downhill.  For some reason, the pine boughs wouldn’t cut right.  I even had wax paper with me just in case this would happen.  For some reason, that didn’t work out well either.   UGH!! Help me!  They got pretty impatient and just used the pine boughs that they were given.


The second project, this adorable card below came right out of the Holiday Catalog.  I like to do that for one of the projects because it shows them that they can get inspiration from anywhere, especially the Holiday Catalog.  When I did the card, it took me 5 minutes to put the entire card together from start to finish!  At the workshop, yeah.. it took forever!!  I am pretty sure that I either broke my Big Shot or they did.  I haven’t had any problems cutting before or after!  Just there.  Maybe it was bad “juju.”

After recovering my complete embarrassment, with the help of some amazing German cakes, they then turned around and said, “So, would you be open to doing a scrapbook club?”  REALLY!  *perks up*  Of course I would!  We haven’t started the club yet, I am thinking after the holidays are all over!

List of supplies – Noel Scrapbook Page: (each link opens a new window)

List of supplies – Santa Card: (each link opens a new window)